Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Testing the Waters

We are about to test the waters around here.

Frances and I APPEAR to be only the gay couple living in this 55 Plus Community; that is probably not true, but I sure haven't seen any evidence to the contrary.  And it is not like the people  we have met have rushed out to introduce us to other gay couples, or even mentioned any despite our clearly presenting ourselves as a couple.  Whatever the numbers really are, we are, without question,  in a marginal minority. 

That being said, folks have been kind and welcoming and all of that.  No problems there.  But we are definitely birds of a different feather compared to the established residents.  (Not sure yet what the "snow birds" bring to the mix.  I guess we'll find out this fall.)

It is also true that most of the folks who live here are Caucasian.  Not exclusively, of course.  And not militantly.  But we Caucasian folks definitely have the upper hand when it comes to numbers.  Minority families - and the few mixed race families that I have seen - definitely stand out simply because they are different.   

So.  About next week.  We have a 60 year old Caucasian lesbian couple visiting us.  For a week.  And their two adult children - who just happen to be black.  And I think this could be very interesting.   My neighbors, after all, did not grow up watching Modern Family and Will and Grace.

Anyone who wants to be concerned that we are going to bring folks who don't quite meet the standard profile in to this community will have plenty to chatter about. 

It is going to be fine.  And I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to the visit.  But for the first time in a long time I anticipate that we my turn a few heads.

Which feels old and a bit unsettling.  It has been a very long time since anyone has blinked an eye at any of us.  It really doesn't happen much in the northeast anymore.  

And given 10 years, I am sure it won't happen much here either.  Gotta start somewhere, I guess.

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